Monday, December 1, 2008

Shame On The World Day

Please find time to click and learn.

The topic that the world mostly remembers once a year.
Today is the first of December....

Nearly all my life, but especially since I got into the field, today's topic was one of my weak points... I say weak, only because I have not been able to change the perceptions of others, no matter how much I do to open people's minds.

To day is the day that I believe everyone of us should ask, WHY !

WHY there is a whole Continent affected by a virus that is so manipulative with no one really doing anything, much less worthwhile about it?

WHY humanity of 21st century cant do anything to help the people on this planet against a virus?

WHY some humans see a virus as a sinners punishment?

WHY pharmaceutical companies are after gaining more money from the situation this virus causes rather than actually doing something about it?

WHY are we abusing some people in poverty to maintain research going on for HIV related disease?

WHY in my country and some parts of the world Md's and health care professionals treat HIV patients like shit ?

WHY discriminate....

I have been fighting this ignorance for years, fighting the double-faced people who gain a lot by looking like they really care about the matter.
Can I change the world ?


Ignorance and greed are stronger than the truth of the matter.
I have my own horror stories about the effects of the virus that I do not talk about here, just know this one truth..... ANY OF YOU or a loved one may wake up infected one morning in your ignorant uncaring life.
To those caring people of the world who are trying to do something.... THANK YOU